Judy has written extensively about a range of themes, including social justice, mental health, disability awareness, and living with disabilities.

Her writing has appeared in publications such as The Globe and Mail, Room Magazine, The Vancouver Sun and Reader’s Digest, while her documentaries have been broadcast on CBC radio.

Judy is available for commissioned writing. Please contact her if you would like to discuss a particular project.

She is currently working on her first novel tentatively titled The Glass Garden. It’s set in the near future, a time when all pregnancies are screened for genetic conditions. The protagonist, a woman in her early forties, becomes pregnant for the first time, and discovers her baby has a prohibited condition. She fights to keep her forbidden baby and find a place they can call home.

Select Publications Include:

  • The Globe & Mail: Facts and Arguments It’s a Big Life
  • CBC: Living Out Loud, Foreign Travel, Part 1, Blankets for Rwanda
  • Hidden Lives: Coming out on mental illness (Brindle and Glass), On the Way to Here
  • Room Magazine: Pill-Sorting for Dummies (short fiction)
  • BC Federation of Writers’ magazine: On the Way to Here
  • The Afro News: Mothers of Kigeme
  • Outfront documentary: I Live at Fraser Street
  • Outfront documentary: Amazing Grace
  • Globe and Mail: Facts and Arguments, Straightjacket Knots of Thought
  • The Vancouver Sun: Someone to Watch Over Us
  • Fugue, UBC non-fiction anthology: On the Way to There
  • BC Federation of Writers Fiction Anthology: Signs of the Mind
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